When it gets down to the ketchup

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I know, I’m whining about ketchup, so that tells you how easy life is. Most of the time if you have so few problems in your life that ketchup in restaurants stand out, then buddy, you need to get a life.

So typically about once, maybe twice a week I find myself dining out, and most times it’s breakfast. Well being the country bumpkin I am it ends up involving some hash browns, or potatoes of some kind, along with the typical eggs, bacon, toast or pancakes, and occasionally biscuits and gravy.

I know, my heart already hurts a little talking about it but next comes the ketchup for the hash browns, maybe eggs if they’re scrambled, and now for splitting the room in half, some on the biscuits and gravy so you can mix it around until you have an excellent slurry.

So what am I whining about? Do you have any idea how often I come across the bottle of ketchup on the table and it’s empty, maybe only has a couple of squirts left in it? Probably 3 out of 4 times or 75% of the time. Yes, I ask the waitress but often times my meal would end up cold by the time she makes it back.

I’m feeling better getting that off my chest but I’m still concerned about this continuing problem. It’s bad enough they take the Heinz bottles and fill them back up with a cheap generic by the 5-gallon bucket brand. Then some places just buy the generic “KETCHUP” or “CATSUP”

Enough already, maybe I just need to bring my own and be done with it.


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